Write an interesting fact about saturns rings

Let us today learn 30 interesting Saturn facts and gain some knowledge about this extraordinary creation of universe. Saturn has the fastest winds of any other planet in our solar system.

Saturn is the 6th planet from Sun and is a gas giant. Seriously, you see this by eye when you look at a picture of Saturn; it looks like someone squished the planet a little. A recent curiosity may be the giant hexagon circling its north pole, with each of its sides nearly 7, miles 12, km across — big enough to fit nearly four Earths inside.

It is also the fifth brightest object in the solar system. The result of such a long distance is that it takes sunlight about an hour and twenty minutes to reach Saturn. In other words, locations on the equator are approximately 6, km more distant from the center than the poles.

Late in its mission, the Cassini spacecraft had its orbit altered in a way that put it closer to the rings than any other spacecraft. The core is encased in a layer of liquid metallic hydrogen.

Physical characteristics of Saturn Saturn is a gas giant made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn, like Jupiter, emits approximately 2.

Ten Interesting Facts About Saturn

This is due to the Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism, which essentially creates energy through gravitational compression of the planet due to its enormous mass. More information and facts about Saturn Other than EarthSaturn is easily the most recognizable planet in the Solar System.

Saturn spins faster than any other planet except Jupiter, completing a rotation roughly every and-a-half hours. Cassini entered into orbit around Saturn on July 1, and continues to send back information about the planet, its ring and many moons.

Below this top layer of ammonia ice are clouds that are largely water ice. A few missions have been proposed, including such radical concepts as a sailboat that could traverse the liquid methane lakes on Titan.

It was summer, and one of the first planets, appearing just after sunset was Saturn. At 4, km and occurring between rings A and B, Cassani is the largest of these gaps. The reason for this is obvious. This means that some process is keep the moon warm enough that water can remain a liquid underneath the surface.

But most are tiny — just a few km across, and they have no official names. Since that time, technology has increased to the point that Earth-based telescopes can now view them. They are usually relatively close to each other, with one key exception caused by the Cassini Division, a gap some 2, miles 4, km wide.

Although the other gas giants possess a planetary ring system, none can match the size or beauty of the one found encircling Saturn. Rings The ring system of Saturn is the most prominent found in the Solar System.

The moon Enceladus also appears to have an ocean hidden below its frozen surface. Titan is the largest moon of the gas giant and is the second largest moon in entire Solar System.

Astronomers with even more powerful telescopes discovered that Saturn actually has many rings made of billions of particles of ice and rock, ranging in size from a grain of sugar to the size of a house.

Like other giant planets, Saturn also has northern and southern lightscaused by particles from the sun.

30 Interesting Saturn Facts

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5 Fascinating Facts About Saturn’s Rings Saturn, like the other gas giants in our Solar System, has rings – but the one thing that differentiates Saturn from his gaseous siblings is the sheer outstanding beauty its rings possess.

Size of Saturn compared to the Earth Side by side comparison of the size of Saturn vs Earth Facts about Saturn. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, and last of the planets known to ancient ultimedescente.com was known to the Babylonians and Far Eastern observer.

Saturn's F Ring also has a curious braided appearance — it is composed of several narrow rings, and bends, kinks, and bright clumps in them can give the illusion that these strands are braided.

Write an interesting fact about saturns rings
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