Write a picture story with verbal inputs

Check out the vastly different responses to photo prompts here. Writing is taught as one of four language skills in English and it is one activity that the students do most in their study.

To break through the problem, English teachers have to be more creative in choosing the materials and techniques which can make the writing class more interesting, exciting and enjoyable. Teaching using picture story is very suitable to be applied to the students of senior high school as a media in writing and also is very helpful for the students in generating and organizing their ideas in writing through picture.

In relation to the teaching writing process, the teacher can combine the two kinds of materials above. Post-test After doing the treatment, the researcher gave a posttest.

How to use photo prompts for writing

Ask the students to do task individually d. Volume 3, Issue 4, JulyPages: Mean Score and Standard Deviation 3. The researcher gave some tips to improve and to strengthen the writing skill of the students and gave advice about the organization of paragraph and language use in writing.

The researcher asked the students to collect their writing task and informed the students what they would do next and still gave motivation in learning writing. What about color, light, and small details? What comes to mind for you will be completely different from others and based on your own experiences and beliefs.

Discussions Acknowledgements References 1. Children and teens will be able to take these visualizations and turn them into a sentence and, eventually, a longer piece of writing.

So that pictures story can be very effective way of teaching and learning the English Language especially writing. Instrument of the Research 2.

Have the child or teen use their senses sight, sound, touch, taste, and feel to come up with words to describe different parts of the picture people, time and place, events, and important objects.

Control Class For the control class, the researcher gave some conventional treatment without using picture story as an authentic material. On the other hand, there are many students find difficulty when they are asked to write because they do not know how to start and what topic that they should choose.

Kilickaya realized that most of the teachers throughout the world agree that authentic texts or materials are beneficial to the language learning process.

Really generous of her to share her works just to help many - whom are confused in that subject matter. To cite this article: It means that students do not have good ideas to start their writing.

The rate of percentage and frequency for every component in experimental and control group are as follows: Relax, get quiet, be mindfuland take a good look.

Ask the students to write narrative paragraph related to the topics. Here are a few places to start. A snake, a big snake, ready to strike. It is widely admitted that writing is a crucial communication that could not be separated from human life.

The experimental class was given the treatment by using pictures story.

Picture Perception Test

Take a good look. The researcher gave some tips to improve and to strengthen the writing skill of the students and gives advice about the organization of paragraph and language use in writing. The photo is gone, but it looked something like this: The pre-test was done for 90 minutes and given to both of groups, experimental and control class 2.

Show the child an interesting picture that will spark their curiosity and imagination. Therefore the researcher focuses on teaching writing through picture story in English learning.

See how the story develops.

Have the child or teen write down words that describe these feelings in the different parts of the chart. It will guide them to make sentences until a good paragraph. Even if it sounds crazy, just do it.

Raj saw that a few people who initially belonged to the beach, had submitted themselves to the game. You can get inspiration from photos for almost any blogging niche. She took the below practice question as an example, did the writing and shared that with me, so that I can put the same in this blog for everyone to understand how picture composition can be written.

Many teachers make efforts to make their class interesting with various methods, techniques, and materials in order to stimulate learning of language skills effectively.Nov 20,  · Check the below messy picture and write a story related to the situation depicted in not less than words.

Image courtesy - ultimedescente.com Composition as. Sep 05,  · How to Write a Professional Story. Do you have a great plot for a story, but can't seem to make it sound good in words?

7 Examples of Writing Great Word Pictures for Your Stories

How do I write a story from a picture? wikiHow Contributor. "This article helped me, because it has taught me how to write a story properly." RN Rabia Noor. Nov 30, %(48).

How to use photo prompts for writing blog posts.

From Picture to Story

Writing Picture Prompts on Pinterest. Why Write a Short Story? Writer’s Voice: What it is and how to develop yours; How to write blog posts faster with an outline; What’s the. Writing is a very creative thing in the world of knowledge and when we speak something from a picture, it takes a lot of energy of your mind.

So, when we start writing a story for a picture. We have to take some points into our mind as follows. 1. Pictures to write a story. Switch picture to your writes house, pictures, writes to any other story you like and let us complete the custom assignment for you according to all.

From Picture to Story Have the child or teen write down words that describe these feelings in the different parts of the chart. Discuss with the child or teen why he/she wrote the things that he/she did and what the picture reminded him or her of.

Write a picture story with verbal inputs
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