Strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy

People can and do get into trouble for speaking out against the government. Not only formulate and implement the concepthe also took to the field to check the development process.

Other tenets of democracy, like relative equality and freedom, are frequently absent in ostensibly democratic countries. We propose this should end. Their criticism towards democracy is that voters are highly uninformed about many political issues, especially relating to economics, and have a strong bias about the few issues on which they are fairly knowledgeable.

If people say that Dictatorships are situations where your entire life depends on the opinion and oppression of one man, say that a strong dictatorship has advisers that advise the dictator on what the people want and what the people hate. In the long run, dictatorships are not successful and they are overthrown by the people in the form of revolt or the mistakes of the dictatorship himself, unleashing war.

Society is a large and unwieldy thing, and some would argue that trying to apply something as potentially volatile as elections to it is a recipe for disaster. Freedom is not measured by the ability to vote.

Unfortunately, according to Caplan, the problem lies in the fact that the relative cost of learning about a particular issue is very high compared to the cost of not knowing that information. A form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique, dictatorships are subject to retaliatory actions.

Hitler seized power and wreaked havoc in Germany and the world in WW2. All in all, it is evident that dictatorship is not necessarily evil, corrupt, tyranny, reign of terror. This system just thought of egoism and a high sense of nationalism.

Because Democracy is a form of government that all citizens have equal rights in decision making that can change their lives.

This is also part of the reason democracy is thought to be a safeguard against a revolution. Consider how Kim Jong Un is arming North Korea for war against the US and its allies and how this could damage entire nations across the globe.

Too much time may be lost in debates and discussions and decision making may be slow. A strong dictator is defined by how well he can control the country, economy, world status, etc.

A Strong Dictatorship is Better than a Weak Democracy

Any dissent is looked at with suspicion and doubt. Though a small minority of the population suffers from violence from the dictator, the vast majority of the population will exist in a nearly crime free society in large part because the smallest infraction of the law or even the the perceived infraction is dealt with severe punishments.

Last but not least it would be the problem of the efficiency.

This House Believe that Strong Dictatorship is Better than Weak Democracy

Democracy is two coyotes and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. The regular Afrobarometer survey of the African continent has found declining levels of support for democracy in many key countries.

Strong Dictatorship or Fragile Democracy - Which is better?

Fragile democracy not representative of the people While the majority of a population is represented, there is always going to be a portion of the population that is not, in a fragile democracy.

Wrongdoers cannot go unpunished. As the result many corruptor found and get the punishment.

Submit Hello How are you guys lol: Furthermore, there is no conclusive evidence proving that either dictatorship nor democracy cause development. Encouraging Segmentation of Society In a fragile democracy, politicians are petty, selfish and unscrupulous. Even a fragile democracy is better than a strong dictatorship for the growth and progress of the individual and the nation.

Considering the people in charge were put there by the people themselves, there is less of a need to overthrow the government violently. The masses are not adequately educated to be able to foresee the betterment of the community they belong to, and therefore are unable to cast a vote to that effect.

I would like to make a well-known example of the famous dictator Napoleon. Second, democracies may not always be what they seem. Also during communism people had comfort in their lives and even the lower class had money to live, buy food, and even own a car.

More recently, democracy is also criticised for not offering enough political stability.Feb 07,  · Is a strong dictatorship better than a weak democracy?

Discussion in ' Strategic & Foreign Affairs ' started by VisionHawk, Dec 30, Page 2 of 3. Nov 14,  · Is a strong dictatorship better than a weak democracy?

Discussion in 'Strategic & Foreign Affairs' started by VisionHawk, Dec 30, This house believes that a strong dictatorship is not better than a weak democracy. Dictatorship is a form of government in which there is a centralization of power while democracy offers freedom to the people for self-expression and absolute power of a dictatorship, as history has shown us, will result in eventual abuse and socioeconomic failure like our very own Greeks and the Romans in the past.

Democracy, as Sir Winston Churchill observed, is the worst form of government except others. Even a fragile democracy is better than a strong dictatorship for.

A strong, benevolent dictator is far better than a weak democracy. However, from the immense and honestly, pretty endless list, of horrific dictators it is apparent that human beings do not have the personal strength and maturity to hand a position of absolute power.

This house would rather have a strong dictatorship than a weak democracy Pros of having a dictatorship include: No elections, imagine not having to deal with all the political rhetoric, you already have your leader for life.

Difference in opinions is ubiquitous and inevitable, and arises on every topic.

Strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy
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