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So do a lot of plays. Each member of the group is different from the other in terms of age, How to cite this page Choose cite format: In Shantata, the action of the play takes place over a single evening.

Kashikar, the judge enquires Sukhatme, "Did you notice also, Sukhatme, that this charge is important from the social point of view?

He lives with his brother and sister-in —law, is unmarried and dotes on his nephew. Life must be hanged.

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This lead eventually to his writing full fledged plays. They might have a recording of the play, which has a rich stage history, in their archives. The latter alienated him from his family and friends. Indian theatre in the twentieth century owes Silence the court in session great deal to ideas and influences from across the continent, from both Europe and America.

So dramatists kept acts of violence and death away from the stage. There are young men and a young woman in this play. On the charge of unmarried motherhood and having illicit relations with so many persons, the judge, Mr.

The world Denatured grew up in was in pre-independent India and as a young boy he was naturally attracted to the world of words and writing.

Regional Influences When we look at theatre traditions in Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra, for instance, we observe the rich influx of local practice that exists in each of these regions. The early twentieth century saw a lot of English plays being staged in different parts of India.

We see instead a cross section of people from the middle-class who have assembled together for staging a mock-trial on issues that concern them. Life is not worthy of life. Runs chores for the group and is asked to act as the fourth witness.

While discussions on the play are important, it is even more important that prior to reading this study material, you do a thorough reading of the play.

The student will be introduced to the tradition of Indian drama and some of the salient features in this genre. The court is in session". Courts and the justice they deliver are perforce meant to be free of prejudice and bias.

We have now looked at two significant aspects of the play. If it is encouraged, there will no such thing as the institution of marriage. However the play is not an exploration of romantic love that blossoms into commitment and adult responsibility.SILENCE THE COURT IS IN SESSION 1) TITLE- The original title of the play is SHANTATA!

COURT CHALU AHE. The words of the title are very common in law courts where the honourable judges pronounce the words to bring back order and decorum if the parties concerned or the mob present in the court become unruly or create chaos and commotion.

The Court is in Session is a question against existing legal curriculum. There is no roadmap for the image of reality in the procedure of the prosecution. There is an absence of trial dynamism in the play. The Court is in Session, Tendulkar has depicted the difficulty of a young woman, who is a victim of the male dominated society.

Tendulkar has criticized the follies prevailing in the society. It is a powerful satire on the shallow conventions and the shameful hypocrisy of the middleclass male-dominated society and also the deplorable legal. Silence,the court is in session-Vijay Tendulkar Introduction: Miss Benare, one of the finest creation of Vijay Tendulkar, is without the least shade of doubt the central figure around which action and movements in Silence!

Vijay Tendulkar

39 Chapter - II Silence! The court is in session Silence! The court is in session (), the first Tendulkar’s play to become part of the New Indian Drama phenomenon of the sixties and the. "Silence! The court is in session" is a play by Vijay Tendulkar (7 January 19 May ).

He was a leading Indian playwright, movie and television writer, literary essayist, political.

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Silence the court in session
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