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Palestinian nationalism was criminalized as a threat to Israeli security, which meant that even displaying the Palestinian national colors was a punishable act. It was a powerful symbol of recognition that Israel has been expecting other Arab heads of state to repeat, without due consideration of the particular circumstances that brought Sadat to Jerusalem.

In the aftermath of the failed coup, Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Palestinian Authority cabinet and appointed Salam Fayyad, a US-trained economist with experience in the International Monetary Fund, as prime minister.

Meanwhile, Research papers israel Pluralism and Equal Opportunity in Higher Education program addresses the barriers to integration of the Arab minority in the higher Research papers israel system. But in many respects they Research papers israel and remain second-class citizens, since Israel defines itself as a Jewish state and the state of the Jewish people, and Palestinians are non-Jews.

Lebanon and Syria also have large Palestinian populations, many of whom still live in refugee camps. These four core scenarios should remind Israel of the overriding need for coherent nuclear strategy and doctrine. The talks were conducted in Oslo, Norway. Between andthe Office of the Chief Scientist initiated several new programmes: However, the next waves of high technologies are expected to emanate from other disciplines, including molecular biology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, material sciences and chemistry, in intimate synergy with information and communication technologies.

Olmert suggested he might go down to 5. In the absence of a national policy for universities, let alone for the higher education system as a whole, it is not clear how these institutions will manage to supply the knowledge, skills and human resources needed for these new science-based industries.

One reason is the seismic rightward shift in Israeli Jewish opinion, which since the outbreak of the second intifada holds that no peace is possible with the Palestinians. Most Arabs regarded the proposed Jewish state as a settler colony and argued that it was only because the British had permitted extensive Zionist settlement in Palestine against the wishes of the Arab majority that the question of Jewish statehood was on the international agenda at all.

Lack of progress in the Washington talks, human rights violations and economic decline in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip accelerated the growth of a radical Islamist challenge to the PLO.

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Prime Minister Shamir announced after he left office that his strategy was to drag out the Washington negotiations for ten years, by which time the annexation of the West Bank would be an accomplished fact. The Palestinians and other Arab states rejected the autonomy concept because it did not guarantee full Israeli withdrawal from areas captured in or the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

There is no indication, however, that a peace agreement is on the horizon. The separation barrier runs mostly to the east of the Green Line marking the border between Israel and the West Bank. At that time, the land of Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire.

In May the moderate Islamist party ruling Turkey expressed its sympathy for Hamas by permitting the Mavi Marmara, sponsored by the Islamist Humanitarian Relief Foundation, to join a flotilla to relieve the besieged population of the Gaza Strip.

The Jewish community of Hebron ceased to exist when its surviving members left for Jerusalem. Egypt took control of the coastal plain around the city of Gaza the Gaza Strip.

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British Journal of Social Psychology, 33, The key issues—such as the extent of the territories to be ceded by Israel, Research papers israel nature of the Palestinian entity to be established, the future of the Israeli settlements and settlers, water rights, the resolution of the refugee problem and the status of Jerusalem—were set aside to be discussed in final status talks.

By the end of the day Israeli forces killed three more Palestinians in Jerusalem. Many of them still live in the refugee camps that were established inalthough others live in cities and towns. At a minimum, any breaking of the longstanding nuclear taboo in Asia southwest as well as northeast Asia, if coup-vulnerable Pakistan is factored in could enhance the presumed usability of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

On the strategic level, the enmity toward Israel gives the regime leverage in its striving for regional hegemony and leadership role in the Muslim world.

Eventually, Rabin came to believe that Hamas, Jihad and the broader Islamic movements of which they were a part posed more of a threat to Israel than the PLO. Israeli officials have claimed that harsh measures and high rates of incarceration are necessary to thwart terrorism.

The OECD average was 2. The same year, these research centres spent a total of NIS The Israeli security forces killed six Arab citizens on that day. After the road map was announced on April 30,Israel submitted a list of 14 reservations.

Even though this share had dropped to 5. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, p. These may be capable of launching nuclear-armed missiles, potentially giving Israel a nuclear second-strike capability.

Israel’s Possible Paths to Nuclear War

In recent years, the Magnet administration in the Office of the Chief Scientist has initiated several evaluations of its own policy instruments, most of which have been carried out by independent research institutions.

Its victory over second-place Fatah in the popular vote was a much narrower Investigations of mind and group.Find upcoming academic conferences or share your conference, event, seminar, webinar and workshops freely.

Inat the Beirut summit of the Arab League, all the Arab states except Libya endorsed a peace initiative proposed by Saudi Arabia. The plan offered an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including recognition of Israel, peace agreements and normal relations with all the Arab states, in exchange for a full Israeli withdrawal from all the territories occupied sinceincluding the Golan.

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Pitcan, Mikaela, Alice Marwick, and danah boyd. ()."Performing the Vanilla Self: Respectability Politics, Social Class, and the Digital World.". Papers stolen in a daring Israeli raid on Tehran archive reveal the extent of Iran’s past weapons research. North Korea’s nuclearization has implications for Israel's nuclear deterrence posture.

There are several plausible means by which a nuclear conflict could arise in the Middle East. It may be time to consider a phase-out of Israel's "deliberate nuclear ambiguity" and to focus Israeli planning around evaluations of enemy rationality.

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