Psycology coursework

To minimize conflict with students seeking required third-year placements, practicum placements after the third year of training must be coordinated by the practicum committee prior to submission of the application.

Students are encouraged to look for internships that best meet their interests and training needs, regardless of location. For either the Psycology coursework or this second-year research project and certainly both when possible students are expected to collect original data.

As soon as initial skills are mastered, students administer, score and interpret intellectual and personality tests on varied populations of children and adults in Psycology coursework Psychological Services Clinic. The curriculum anticipates the possibility that students will be required to commit to a one year internship and a one year post-doctoral fellowship following completion of their dissertations.

If you are registered for 18 credits e. Students are expected to contribute 10 hours or one full day of training per week for 11 months. All students must complete at least one clerkship. In these practica, students are challenged to apply what they have learned from their didactic courses in developing efficacious interventions.

These didactic courses are complemented by a yearlong sequence that provides supervised experience in clinical interviewing, intellectual assessment emphasized in the first semester and personality assessment emphasized during the second semester. The Portfolio of Competencies and Qualifying Exam must be completed before the internship process can begin.

Search Coursework The course sequence is graduated in complexity to promote integration of didactically-obtained knowledge, psychological theory, research methods, and practical clinical skills.

This examination now takes the form of a review paper that is completed during the summer following the second year. Students are also expected to have an approved masters proposal by the end of their second year. Our students routinely apply to internship sites around the country.

APA approved internships are typically full time but there are also a number of part-time internships offered across the country. In addition, first-year students are assigned to vertical psychotherapy teams in which they observe the psychotherapeutic activities of more advanced students and begin conducting interviews and assessments as they demonstrate the competencies to do so.

Second-and third-year students on vertical clinical teams treat clients coming to the Psychological Services Clinic. The vertical clinical team is supervised by core clinical faculty or carefully selected and experienced area psychologists who serve as adjunct facultywith the assistance of advanced graduate students who themselves receive didactic and practical training in clinical supervision.

Students conclude their clinical training with an APA-approved internship during their fifth year. Internship Number of credits awarded for successful completion of course.

The Qualifying Exam is designed to be completed prior to the beginning of the third year of study, and must be approved prior to advancement to dissertation work dissertation prospectus.

The Program also offers specialized training in neuropsychology. All of our students take clerkships and 4 to 5 annually also take the supervision sequence. Collaborative research—which includes independent components for each investigator—is encouraged.

An overview of our typical course sequence is provided below. The final clinical requirement for the Ph. Students also must pass a comprehensive general examination that qualifies them officially for doctoral study. The basis of the dissertation is an independent empirical research project designed and conducted by the candidate.

Often, the dissertation involves clinical samples with whom students work as research subjects, where findings may have immediate applied clinical value.

Clinical Psychology Master's Program

Some students opt for additional clinical experiences after the third year. Students will be paired with a faculty mentor beginning in their first year although most students choose to work with the same faculty mentor throughout their tenure, some students do change mentors as their interests change and develop.

Doctoral Dissertation An independent research dissertation is the central element of the PhD in clinical psychology. An acceptable dissertation meets two standards: This is offered in the context of the Clinical Seminar series which students are required to attend through the first three years of the program.

Clinical Research Students are expected to engage in ongoing research throughout their academic careers.


Under new regulations adopted by the state of Massachusetts, individuals with doctoral degrees in psychology are no longer eligible for licensure without completing an APA internship or an internship program that currently meets all criteria to obtain APA approval.2 AP Psychology Course Description InDCS2 (converted from Quark) Fonts: Century Old Style Serifa Helvetica Mousefont Plain ConversionD1 11/11/06 RI ConversionD1revs 11/15/06 RI Students are required to (1) complete all coursework with at least a B, attend colloquia; (2) satisfactorily pass PSC practicum; (3) complete Psycology coursework second year research project (2YP) and (4) complete additional portfolio requirements.

Required Coursework This includes three types of courses: Departmental core courses, elective courses, and dissertation coursework. Please refer to the GWU Bulletn for a lising of coursework required for the Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Applied Social Psychology.

Coursework & Requirements. Degree Requirements. 45 credit hours in courses approved for graduate credit; 24 of these 45 credits must be UO graded graduate credits (B- or higher) 30 of these 45 credits must be Psychology graduate credits; 9 of these 45 credits must be in level courses.

Coursework First year in the program Fall Semester. Psy Clinical Methods: Assessment. Psy Conference to Accompany Psychology Practicum: Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy.

Psy Psychology Practicum including the case conference. Psy Seminar in Theories of Developmental & Psychotherapeutic Change I. Spring Semester. Psy (spring) Clinical Issues: Drugs, Brain, and. Browse Psychology courses and specializations. Psychology courses investigate the human mind and the ways it influences our actions.

Coursework & Requirements

Subtopics include forensic psychology, child psychology, behavioral psychology, and psychology research. Learn.

Psycology coursework
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