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No single person can master all the available knowledge. In order to create added value for the referring clinician, the radiologist must fully understand the clinical problem.

Closer working relationships with GPs and a stronger involvement of imaging in primary care will also increase contact of radiologists to their patients and particularly raise public awareness. On the other hand, there is widespread agreement that patients prefer to hear the results of imaging examinations from the radiologist at the time of the procedure rather than to hear them later from the referring physician, regardless of the findings [ 11 ].

This is a field that I can grow with through increased technology and specializing in the advanced programs. Importance of radiological technology essay, the more specialized the technologist, the higher the salary. Training for the future of radiology: In these circumstances the radiologist needs to have a broad perspective and a wide knowledge of anatomy, pathology and imaging signs.

Essay on the Importance of Radiology Department in a Hospital

However, in many circumstances a long differential diagnosis may be resolved by modern objective imaging which can provide a precise diagnosis in a few minutes. It is worthwhile to consider sectioning the department into two sections without physically separating them, one for catering for accident and emergency cases at all hours and for urgent OPD cases, and the other for catering to the needs of inpatients and OPD cases with appointments.

Log in or register now. It is important that there is good joined-up thinking to avoid the patient having unnecessary examinations and being referred to a variety of physicians. System- or disease- based subspecialisation or the development of system- or disease- based areas of special interest is essential for all radiologists to respond to the complexity and technological advances of imaging.

Communication of images between radiologists, via local or distant networks is now a widely available option to solicit a specialised opinion in selected cases. The use of imaging for functional evaluation and cellular activity has created a new challenge for radiologists whose training has predominantly been based on the anatomical and pathological model with limited experience in physiology and cell function.

This has potential disadvantages for the patients. Radiologists must also understand how to operate complex machinery. Radiology at the turn of the millennium. Despite pressure in the early s to define radiology as a technical service, radiographic image interpretation and reporting required medically trained specialists.

Unless specialisation occurs, radiologists will be unable to reverse this situation and thus risk a further loss of influence in the future of imaging at a time when there is a major transformation to functional and molecular imaging.

They have also been responsible for the implementation of these developments into the clinical setting and for ensuring the best use of assets and healthcare resources. However, they suggest that this would be followed by a three-year focused programme.

Thus the rapidly developing and expanding field of imaging becomes a challenge to our specialty, especially as it has also become so attractive to others.Patients/clients are the focus in the practice of Radiologic Technology and X-Ray Technology.

Hence, Radiologic Technologistsand X-Ray Technologists must at all times act with dignity and sincerity and must express.

The Role of Your Radiologic Technologist in Diagnosis

With CT technology, physicians can view the inside of organs - a feat not possible with general radiography. Magnetic Resonance Technologists are specially trained to operate MR equipment. During an MRI scan, atoms in the. This influx of technology with radiologic technology has created more jobs, producing higher salaries through specialized modalities, such as MRI’s and CT scanning.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Radiologic Technology is the science of using radiation to produce the images that radiologist use to diagnose injury and disease. Radiologic technologist or radiographer function as part of the health care team by assisting physicians, namely radiologist, in procedures, operating imaging equipment, positioning, and care of patients.

Jan 16,  · It is essential that knowledge of the technology used is included in radiological core and subspecialty training. Research: It is imperative that radiologists are engaged in research in their own discipline.

Write an essay that is approximately 1/2 page in length on why you have decided to pursue a career in the field of Medical Imaging and Radiologic Technology. Please.

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Importance of radiological technology essay
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