Human relation vs human resources

Research that applies human relations thinking to the relationship between management and organizational effectiveness has been inconclusive and disappointing. Both styles relate to one another because the human resources approach was born out of the human relations approach.

Unlike the authority-compliance management style that thinks motivating employees by Human relation vs human resources threat of punishment, the participative system motivates employees by offering monetary awards and participation in goal setting. When applying for jobs after graduation, take a moment to consider what type of boss you would like to work for?

Human Resources For the fourth post, discuss the differences between the human relations and human resource approaches to management. When you compromise, you give away a bit of each concern, so that neither the production needs or the peoples needs are fully met.

Although very similar, each approach to management focuses on one certain ideal. Mayo held that 1.

Human Relations Vs. Human Resources Approach

These psychological studies of human complexity helped researchers and managers better understand the worker and how best to manage and communicate.

The result is disorganization, dissatisfaction, and disharmony. This approach essentially offers the best of both worlds by maximizing organizational productivity and individual need satisfaction while emphasizing the cognitive contributions that employees can make to the organization as a whole.

These leaders believe that employees are nothing more than a means to an end. McGregor believed working the body and brain is natural and that the average human learns to accept and seek responsibility.

As the human relations approach began to become more and more accepted, employees felt as though they were being encouraged to participate in work and began to think that what they were working on had value, which in turn caused them to become more motivated and productive, which ultimately resulted in a high quality of production.

The human relations approach and the human resources approach both moved away from the idea of treating the worker as a machine and moved towards understanding human behavior. Society comprises groups, not isolated individuals 2.

Chester Barnard asserted the importance of cooperation in organizations: The human resources approach places an emphasis on the benefits that individual thoughts, ideas, and discussions can bring to an organization.

External control and threat of punishment are not the only means for bringing about effort toward organizational objectives.

Check out this blog post to read more about the companies management style and corporate culture: Mayo conducted the Hawthorne Studies to prove the importance of people vs.Differences between human relations and human resource approaches to management.

In a discussion of approaches to management in organizations, human relations and human resources are bound to come up. Human resources approach to management works on team building throughout a company.

Human relations and human resource approaches to managements are additions to the workplace. Employees are given a high value in the company and their needs and wants are taken into consideration.

Nov 11,  · The human resources approach, not to be confused with the human relations department essentially combines both the classical and human relations approach in the fact that it recognizes that although individuals have needs and feelings that must be considered, individual labor must not be forgotten when it comes to.

Both human relations and human resources manager might use the same kind of organisational behaviour but for very different reasons (Miller ).

Human relations approach emphasize on productivity where the management advocates better on treatment of subordinates in belief that it will lead to greater productivity.

Sep 30,  · Human resources, on the other hand, is concerned with the total organization climate as well as with how an organization can encourage employee participation and dialogue.

Although very similar, each approach to management focuses on one certain ideal. Human relations is that of increased productivity.

Nevertheless, it is my opinion that while the early writers did not advocate the human relations model as presented here, their failure to emphasize certain of the human resources concepts left their work open to the misinterpretations which have occurred.

Human relation vs human resources
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