How to survive your first year of college

Freshman Guide: How to Survive Your First Year of College

And give your brain a break. Just about all colleges have learning labs and tutors available. You have to be able to, first of all, know yourself, and then separate yourself from the distractions.

They are there to help you succeed. We asked current college students and alumni to share their best advice for surviving and thriving freshman year.

Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Make connections with students in your classes. I definitely fell into that category.

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. I made a lot of new friends during my orientation days and the very first days of school.

Bookmark From getting involved to balancing snacking habits to finding your study zone and prioritizing fun, these college students and alumni share their essential advice for incoming college freshmen. Go beyond your university. Know that when the time comes to begin looking for your first internship or full-time job, LiveCareer has your resume and cover letter writing needs covered.

You will have upperclassmen in some or many of your classes and these upper-classmen can unlock doors, in the academic and social world, that you never realized existed. You have three more years to figure out which major you should have. Oftentimes, independent study groups form within each class every semester.

Get to Know Your Roommate — It is not necessary to become best friends with a roommate. Want to learn more about life at The Art Institutes?

It is during this time that you make critical decisions that will have an effect on the rest of your life. I get the most work done in the library or in a computer lab. As one student says, be prepared to feel completely unprepared.

I never really understood the purpose of those silly-looking eye covers that high-maintenance girls in movies wore. This article will offer helpful tips on how freshmen can survive their first year of college.

The decisions that you make and the actions you take during this first year of college will have a major impact on the rest of your college experience.

Get involved on campus.

Freshman Year Survival Guide: 15 Tips for Your First Year of College

We brought all that sweet, sweet freshman year advice together for ya. Some universities like mine have a "Responsible Friend" policy that allows you to call the campus police if you or a friend requires medical attention without any consequences because your safety is more important than punishing you.

Every freshman goes through some type of uncertainty of whether or not he or she can do this—go out on his or her own to earn a college degree.Tips for surviving your first year in college.

By Jenna Johnson. August 4, At the end of your first year at college, chances are you will be a different person than you are now.

Your. How to Survive Your First Year of College. Your first year of college is crucial in terms of making a success of moving from the mindset of being in school to that of being in college. The first year of college is one of the best and the most interesting periods of life.

You should be strong enough to step into the next stage of your life without doubts and hesitations. On the one hand, it can be stressing to leave your town and start communicating with the people you don’t know.

10 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College. By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Gaming & Technology.

Freshman Year Survival Tips: The Ultimate Collection of College Advice

March 18, Share This: Busy preparing for your first year of college? It’s only natural to be nervous, as college life is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

20 Tips To Survive Your First Year Of College

Follow these 10 tips to successfully navigate your first year. Tons--TONS--of tips and advice on how to survive and thrive during freshman year of college. For students, from students. Freshman Year Survival Tips: The Ultimate Collection of College Advice — Helen Chang, Marist College “Your first couple years in college, you're surrounded by kids with all different majors.

The first couple weeks of college are scary; however, everyone is there to help you. No matter what you may be going through there is someone to help you no matter the situation. They have all been in your shoes before and and more than happy to help you along your journey and make it .

How to survive your first year of college
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