Essay on safety and security of girl child

Extreme poverty in the society has created social evil against women as dowry system which worsens the situation of women. Later, this practice was banned strictly by the government in order to control the ratio of female child. It is sad to understand that women are the better halves of the society, yet they are the ones who face the maximum tortures in many ways in their lives.

For example, ask your child to notice three things around her or the shortest route to the exit in a closed space. You can use fun games to teach your child to be situationally aware, a skill which will prove very useful in the long term Safe and unsafe touch: They never feel themselves weak than men and take some self defence training.

It is important to inculcate a sense of awareness right from a very young age and help your child think smart and develop a strong character.

Safety Of The Girl Child: Tips For Parents

Always carry an address slip and telephone numbers when going out. It was so because of the increasing crimes against women such as female foeticide, dowry deaths, rape, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination and many more.

It is a very sad reality of the country that its women citizens are living with fear all time. Does she try to avoid going to public spaces? When a girl child is born, the first thought is, the parent has to make dowry to get her married off.

This will help you considerably. They can select any of the essays given below: Women should be very conscious while driving the car and going to any trip. Family members of a girl child can be better target to make save the girl child campaign successful.

Bear in mind that an active child enjoys running everywhere and he does not care where he runs. Women must understand and feel their physical power and use accordingly.

Law should neither favor some, nor be exploited by others.

Save Girl Child Essay

So, everyone must respect a woman in any form. Only at home, one can feel confident, relaxed and protected. This follows the above tip. Long and Short Essay on Safety of Women in India in English Safety of Women in India Essay 1 words As we all know that India is a most famous country all over the world for its great tradition and culture where women are given most respected place in the society from the ancient time.

People should be aware through some effective campaigns regarding save the girl child. A girl performs her both duties personal as well as professional very loyally which makes her extra special than boys. Let safety usher you always, even if it takes some extra time.

Are Women Safe in India? – Essay

It was made possible in the country because of the Ultrasound technology. One has to understand, women are also human beings. So, education is the vital element to reduce poverty and gender discrimination as well as improve the status of girl child and woman in the Indian society.

So, girl children are not killed, they should be saved, respected and given equal opportunities to go ahead. On the other hand, some Indian states like Kerala and Mizoram have achieved universal female literacy.

Now-a-days, essays or paragraphs writing have been common strategy followed by the teachers to enhance the skill and knowledge of students about any topic.

No wonder, the child is often injured bumping at the sharp angles of a cabinet or table. The best way out is to equip the walk-way at the top of stairs with the special safety gates. Government has taken this step to let people know that a girl child is not a sin in the society however; she is a nice gift by God.

Is your child happy? This will lead to complications. Do not tamper with electrical items. Sabla Scheme launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in aiming to empower adolescent girls through education.

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This act was passed by the Lok Sabha on 7th of May in and however, by the Rajya Sabha on 22nd of December in Save girl child is an awareness campaign to save the girl child in India by ensuring their safety as well as to stop the crime against girl child especially female foeticide and gender inequality.

Long and Short Essay on Save Girl Child in English.

Essay on Child Safety at Home

We will write a custom essay sample on The Concept of Child Safety specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Balance between protection and upbringing of children will also help teacher candidates who have interest in early child development and family engagement and learning.

Coming across news of children, especially girls, being subjected to violence can be a bit frightening. So, what can we do to ensure the safety of the girl child in public spaces? Health and safety symbols on children’s toys and equipment’s This symbol means that it’s not suitable for a child under the age of 3 years.

Adults must supervise the child at all times so that a child does not choke on it due to small parts. Warning In order to avoid danger of suffocation please make sure that bags and wrappers are kept far away.

Safety of Women in India Essay 2 ( words) Safety of women matters a lot whether at home, outside the home or working place. Last few crimes against women especially rape cases were very dread and fearful.

Because of such crimes, women safety in India has become a doubtful topic.

Safety of Women in India Essay

Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Unsafe practice is a great peril to both life and property. A two wheeler rider who rides recklessly not only risks his own life, but also the other road users.

Essay on safety and security of girl child
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