Effect of branding on consumer purchase decision

Brands Earn Loyalty In the long run, people develop a strong relationship with some brands. This is exactly what we know as brand loyalty and you need to have a strong brand in the first place to develop such a loyalty. Brands come with back stories associated with them.

How Does Branding Impact Consumer Purchase Decisions?

This is because they distinguish products when they are placed in the same shelf with other products. Be human and authentic! Consumers can shop without scrutinizing product features and benefits. Some companies brand through use of logos, names and, or slogans Walker, Relationships are built on experiences.

If the research is able to answer the questioned posed positively, therefore, the company that adopt the proposal will choose ways which can be used to facilitate the improvement of their branding techniques. It is a complex combination of trust and emotional aspects.

Which one would you choose?

The relationship with a consumer constitutes the sum of a his experiences with your brand. Every individual has a certain image about himself or herself in their mind. Any new business should aspire to and work towards building such loyalty.

Think experiences stimulate the imagination and intellect -- "the brand makes me think about the happy times in life.

The Effect of a Brand on Consumer Behavior

Favorable experiences form strong emotional bonds that convert into brand preference. Also of importance in the research will be the evaluation of the uses of names and slogans in the branding in different cultural settings. How do different cultures affect the choices of names, slogans or logos for a new product in the market?

This will evaluate how different cultures influence, through their preferences, choices of names and slogans that are used to brand commodities. A Porsche makes people view you in a different light. From your employees, to customer services and your products b Develop quality content around your brand focusing on elements of Storytelling c Engage with your consumers across all media.

This will call for monitoring of processes that can be used to improve the productivity of the company in different areas of branding Andrews, This will venture to determine whether companies producing similar product can use a single brand name and color or any other aspect of brand to brand their products.

And Does It Affect Loyalty?The Effect of Branding on Consumer Choice Original Research Report Dr Jane Leighton - Mountainview Learning Second, a greater understanding of the effects of branding on consumer choice is processes, we will be able to reveal how branding works to guide purchase decisions.

Oct 10,  · How Branding Affect Consumer Purchasing Decisions. October 10, This involves the may purposes of carrying out research on the effects branding has on consumers’ purchase decisions. It evaluates all the impacts branding have on the way a customer chooses to make decisions.

In conducting the research on the effect of branding. A company such as Levis is a good example to view the effectiveness of branding on consumer-purchase decisions.

In addition purchases made at outlets, online purchases have been significant as purchases of are easily made and are believed to be considerably reliable. A brand, however, has value to your business only to the extent that it helps drive your clients' buying decisions. Understanding precisely how brands, like Apple, influence buying decisions can be useful in developing branding strategies for your business.

The research will attempt to find whether there is positive relation between the positive effect of the brand and the consumer purchase decision. The paper discusses the literature the importance of branding and the consumer purchase decision.

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Effect of branding on consumer purchase decision
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