Central excise duty essay

Central excise has become the vital source of the financial development of the country for the better socio-economic development in India.

The Education cess paid on input, except on motor spirit, HSD and LDO and capital goods shall be available as credit for payment of Education cess on the final product.

Central Excise Day in India

Government is used to require a proper record of all the people which are earning for their Whole Family Members to get a Financial Stability. Government is more eligible to look across the development of the people and gather every knowledge of the people for getting a proper idea of applying the Tax on the Goods and Services.

The credit of Education cess so taken can be utilized only for payment of Education cess on filial Central excise duty essay and not for payment of any other duty of excise. The increased cost of project may also render certain marginal projects economically and financially unviable.

Central Excise Day 2018: 24th February, Theme and Slogan, Essay

The basic excise duty may be: However, when the Government of Central excise duty essay Act,delegated power to levy tax on sales to another authority, it was distinguished from excise duty. To handle and manage all the matters in the country, whole India has been divided in 10 zones and each of the zones is headed by the Chief Commissioner of Central Excise.

There are many people who requires to get registered are Producer, Commission Agent, Dealer, Importer, broker or owner of any Showroom and many more.

Excise Duty Essay

The cost of new and latest technology also becomes costly, which hinders modernization of industries and improvisation of quality. However, it is distinct from excise duty, which is payable upon removal of goods from the place of manufacture or production; but before entry into the market, whether sold or not.

Due to this Process every officers are made to approve the deals for the rules to be implemented for the people.

At this day, an award ceremony is held to honor the sincerely and honestly working employees by rewarding them through the prize for paying their truthful service to the Government. Inthe duty of excise included the tax on sales as well.

It is not related to sale of goods or the proceeds of such Central excise duty essay. For handling and managing all the activities in India, Government has decided to divide the India into 10 Zones by which it will be easy for the Government to carry out all the tasks correctly in a less time period.

Following two types of the processes are carried out by the Central Excise department in order to put into effect all the laws and collections of the central excise: Taxes, nowadays, are broadly classified into: Department of the Central Excise has the responsibility of the Tax payable Avoidance Check, saving the Nation from the Smuggling activity and also collection of the revenues for supporting the Nation in order to develop the Social as well as Economical activities of the Nation.

It is used to carry out many tasks to handle and manage the things in a better way, so that the people get each and every opportunity to show their talent and skills in making the Country to come up in the future.

Direct taxes are rather progressive, as the same are levied on the income of the persons. In India, there are many plans and ideas made by the Government to focus on the improvement of the developmental activities for the betterment of the people.

Central Excise Department is also used to carry out all the duties for the eradicating the corruption activities taking place in every area and it is very important for the Government to search and catch the corrupted people for making the better future for the Country.

The Constitution has vested in the Seventh Schedule, powers to levy various taxes and duties by the Union as well as the States.

There are many laws by which people are used to manage and handle every activity in a right manner for the betterment of the people. All the Manufacturers are used to access all the legal duties on the Goods for clearing the Goods.

The same is true for state sales taxes and local octroi on other commodities like cement, steel, wood, etc.

Government is used to think that collecting the Taxes from the people will help them to gather much of the income for developing the Nation in every field which requires lots of finance for developmental activities.

The table below gives the list of special duties of excise payable under various statutes: Excise Department Registration There are lots of people who are not registered to the Excise Department are able to registered to the Excise Department.

Self Removal Process is used to make many laws on the Goods which are used to manufacture all over the India. The levy and collection of excise duty is, practically, made at a stage next to the manufacture of goods i.

The indirect taxes are, therefore, called inflationary. Sales tax, on the contrary, is levied on the vendor of goods, in respect of his sales.Central Excise Day is used to collect the Tax from the people by applying the Tax on the Goods and Services.

It is utilised for the people to get some part of the money from the people to develop the Nation by making many infrastructure and developmental activities in India for the welfare of the citizens. Central Excise Day is commemorated every year all across the India on 24 th of February to encourage the employees of excise department to carry out the central excise duty all over the India in better way in order to prevent the corruption in goods manufacturing business as well as implement other rules to carry out best possible excise services.

M/s. Technocraft Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “the said assessee”) Plot No.Adinathnagar, GIDC, Odhav, Ahmedabad were engaged in the manufacture of Roll for Rolling Mills and parts falling under Chapter 84 of Central Excise Tariff Act, Basic Excise Duty The Basic excise duty (BED) is also known as CENVAT (Central Value Added Tax) and levied under section 3(1) of the Central Excise Act, on specified (excisable) goods manufactured and produced in India at the rates specified in the Central Excise Tariff Act, Central Excise Duty Essay OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF CENTRAL EXCISE DIVISION-III, AHMEDABAD-II 3rd Floor, Sahajanand Arcade, Nr Helmet Circle, ft Ring Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.

ORDER IN ORIGINAL No. MP/05/DEM/ BRIEF FACTS OF THE CASE M/s. EXCISE DUTY Central excise duty is an indirect tax which is charged on such goods that are manufactured in India and are meant for domestic consumption.

The taxable fact is "manufacture" and the liability of central excise duty .

Central excise duty essay
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