Business plan competition poster on quality

The most compelling business plan is one that effectively integrates all components of the plan, rather than simply forming a strong sum of parts. The Final Round is open to viewing by all competition participants, faculty, students, and the public.

Scholarship funds and in-kind gifts 3rd Place: A team may not observe presentations or question-and-answer sessions. Further, it is likely that any or all of these public sessions will be broadcast to interested persons through media, which may include radio, television and the Internet.

They are established businesses with excellent reputations. Online initiatives like online renewals and online reservations enhances customer convenience and positions us as a cutting-edge supplier in a market largely populated, especially in the cycling segment, by customers who tend to be early technology adapters.

Identify Potential Competitors It can be tough to predict when and where new competitors may pop up. For starters, regularly search for news on your industry, your products, your services, and your target market.

While your business plan is primarily intended to convince you that your business makes sense, keep in mind most investors look closely at your competitive analysis. Profile Current Competitors First develop a basic profile of each of your current competitors. How will you react to and overcome new challenges?


However, sellers of new equipment do indirectly compete with our business since a customer who buys equipment no longer needs to rent equipment. Once you identify your main competitors, answer these questions about each one.

Opportunity size is a plus, but not the primary concern 3. Revenue streams for the business should not be based solely on deriving revenues from the licensing of its own technologies.

Screening Round The Screening Round takes place online, and is the first major hurdle for students participating in the Business Plan Competition.

Please also review the submission checklist. What are they trying to achieve? In case of a tie, the judges will reconvene and discuss the tied teams in order to determine a winner. Full PowerPoint presentation slides due Tuesday, April 17, More in this series: What competitor weaknesses can you exploit?

Has the team answered your questions? This panel selects the first, second and third place teams. If you plan to open a clothing store, you will compete with other clothing retailers in your area. Scholarship funds and in-kind gifts Additional awards consisting of scholarships and professional business services may be provided to winning team members depending on sponsorship support.

TMCC Business Plan Competition

Evaluate their marketing and advertising campaigns. Judges do not discuss their opinions of contestants until after all scores have been submitted.

Either an individual or a group may develop the business plan. The plan may also be prepared under faculty supervision with no official credit.Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition Peter T.

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Paul College of Business and Economics ability to generate enough interest from a hypothetical venture capitalist for them to consider asking for a formal business plan for the concept. See guidelines for additional information below.

Presentation Quality – Is the team/poster. With support provided by BB&T, the Center for Entrepreneurship at High Point University held the Eighth Annual Business Plan Competition on April 17, This year’s competition winners were awarded cash prizes totaling $25, for the most successful business plan ideas.

The annual competition is open to all High Point University. The University of Washington, the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, the Foster School of Business, and the organizers of the competition are not responsible for any proprietary information and/or intellectual property included in a submitted business plan.

2017 Judging Information

What was the quality of the team’s materials and data? How was the team’s. Judging Information What is the Business Model?

Is the team of sufficient breadth, balance and quality to make its ideas happen?

Business Plan Competition

Do the financial projections demonstrate that the team understands its business? Is there a clear statement of financial sources, uses and returns?.

Hundreds of business plan competitions tracked and updated daily. Stay ahead of deadlines with our handy calendar. Large and small prize pools for entrepreneurs. | BizPlanCompetitions.

Business schools have an elevator pitch for prospective students: Choose our school and win cash for your startup. Infinite Cooling from MIT wins Rice Business Plan Competition.

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Business plan competition poster on quality
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