Best journal writing apps

And it does it well, with features that rival those best journal writing apps our other top journaling app picks—support for up to 4 images or video, syncing to Google Drive, exporting to multiple formats, auto location and weather, password protection, and even importing Day One entries. This encourages you to consider that creating a new journal entry using a photo or an audio snippet is just as legitimate as a text entry.

Write on-the-go on your smartphone, or settle down comfortably at home and type on Chromebook and desktop. On the Day One website there are a slew of uses listedwith information and examples. There is great security in knowing your memories and thoughts are printed on physical paper and capable of being stored in your own home or in your personal safe.

Plus, the latest photo features include best journal writing apps creation of photo grids: The Windows 10 PC version offers password protection for your diary, mood music to play in the background and best journal writing apps illustrated journal sitting on a wooden desk for visual effects.

Audio New in Day One V3 is the introduction of audio entries. As with any roundup, we may have overlooked your favorite journal app. Each day, you can insert a photo and word that might sum up the day, or how you want to remember it by.

There is also support for inserting map images of your location. Journalist is also available for Xbox One, but several features are disabled.

Just a blank page where you can log your journal entries. With the free plan, email prompts are only sent every other Sunday; the Pro plan lets you change the frequency and days that emails are sent once a dayattach one photo to the entry, edit previous entries, and search past entries.

If you are active on social networks, Momento is a great way to not only track your own thoughts, but your social activity too. In Day Journal, you can journal as little or as much as you want.

The Activity Feed can be connected to a range of social networks like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebookcan track your location history, and can follow the photos you shoot in your camera roll, all with the intention of enabling you to create entries faster and in a simpler fashion than ever before.

You can attach an audio file, an inked drawing, or any other type of file to your entries, as well as multiple photos. Other features that might be important to you include password protection, Markdown support, ability to add more than one photo, automatically adding location and weather, and journaling prompts.

Neither version of Dear Diary has support to insert images or drawings into your entries, nor can entries be synchronized between devices. Diarium has support to add your location, include tags and rate your day from stars.

However, we believe Day One is more polished and offers a wider range of features. Specifically, Chronicle is a universal app that syncs via iCloud and can be linked to Dropbox to automatically back up each day.

The Best Journaling App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

With each entry, you can also add your current mood so you can go back and see exactly how you felt about different situations or ideas. Record daily events, track mood, secret, gratitude, and relive those moments in Journey diary.

We named it the best pro writing app for macOS and iOSand we also developed a course for getting the most out of Ulysses. If, like my pal Chris Bowleryou use Day One as your daily work log or the place for your end-of-day brain dumpthen setting a daily reminder just a few minutes before the end of the work day could prove helpful.

Entries can be entered through the on-screen keyboard or through a voice-to-text feature.

Best Journal Apps for Windows 10

This feature is a great way to beat back that challenge. The questions for morning are geared toward setting a great tone for your day, while the evening questions are more focused on reflecting.

The app has support for both type written entries and drawn entries, but you cannot combine them. Tap on any day to view your entries or check out the summary view below it for important information. Its design is well-done, showing dates, titles, locations, entry titles, entry text, and more in a clear, legible, and beautiful manner.

Day One excels in nearly all areas of our criteria list, making journaling on any of your devices a relative breeze. Diarium makes up for the lack of bling with a boatload of features to fully document your thoughts, experiences and memories. The app will show you what happened on a specific date in previous years, so you can see how time has flown.

Day One combines the simple daily log, event log, activity log, or whatever else log, along with a photo or sound album, and long-form expressive writing.

Based on positive psychology research, Five Minute Journal helps support a gratitude habit and self-reflection. The interface is simple but somehow still a bit confusing to navigate quickly. He stored sights, sounds, and smells away for future use when they would reemerge as vivid passages in his short stories and novels.

Check out this tutorial on updating a note in Evernote or OneNote from your browser.Day One has been the best journaling app for Mac since it was first introduced in March and its iOS apps have held the crown ever since they were introduced.

Day One’s combination of design, sync, automation, security, and extra features like book printing make it a worthy journaling app. And another plus, the interface and design is extremely relevant, minimalist, and all around calming, which makes Personal Journal the perfect app to use as you’re relaxing at the end of the day.

One of the cool features of. Best for writing quick journal entries in a simple, intuitive interface Day One lets you add multiple photos and even videos to your journals Since its release in MarchDay One has long been the most highly recommended journaling app.

Best journaling apps

PaperStreet Journal is a free journal app that is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The app has support for both type written entries and drawn entries, but you cannot combine them.

Additionally, switching between the two methods of entry could be better. Looking for the best iPhone apps or best iPad apps to journal with? There's something beautiful, almost magically analog about a crumpled old note pad, a key-locked journal, a well worn moleskin, and the ink and graphite that fill their pages.

This app has integration with many third party apps and services and will automatically import their activity allowing you to automate some of your journal entries. This could be pretty convenient when you don’t find time or want to .

Best journal writing apps
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