Benefits of decriminalizing marijuana essay

The idea of having a tax on marijuana is one of the leading arguments for the pro side of legalization. However, lack of pertinent drug use data, the availability of only secondary data which was not intended to be used in evaluation, coupled with a lack of jurisdictions in the United States and Canada that have more recently decriminalized marijuana possession, have made the opportunity to adequately evaluate use rates under a policy of decriminalization quite Benefits of decriminalizing marijuana essay.

My essay is written as if it is being verbally presented to a group of these adults at a town meeting. Evidence of this can be seen by the reports from norml. The goal is to persuade them that the values they care about are compatible with the legalization of marijuana and incompatible with keeping marijuana criminalized.

Essay on Marijuana_decriminalization

Works Cited Amar, Mohamed Ben. While these cases were largely expedited, the resources spent on these cases surely would have been considerably reduced proportionately to the reduction in overall cases under decriminalization. The benefits of legalizing marijuana would help the government save money, which they can use in other pressing areas.

Conclusion Recently President Barak Obama rejected marijuana legalization. I will examine the effects this approach has on overall levels of cannabis use, the individual cannabis possession offenders, and the criminal justice system.

This is supported by a national roadside survey of weekend nighttime drivers which reports that 8. Effects on the Criminal Justice System The effects on the criminal justice system of the decriminalization of cannabis possession offences are generally seen to be mainly economic, and mainly positive.

In addition, there may be some evidence that the perception of the criminal justice system might be improved under decriminalization.

Many individuals believe that marijuana should not be placed in the same category like heroin, cocaine, and crack. The image of a marijuana overdose appeals to people with limited knowledge about drugs, as they are familiar with overdoses on hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Erickson reports that the docket of one court each day was almost entirely made up of marijuana possession cases p. This idea says marijuana per se does not create public danger, but it causes people who consume marijuana to use more dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine.

In contrast to these drugs, there is no evidence showing that marijuana is responsible for a single death from overdose Marijuana. This will allow the American public to realize that decriminalization is truly the gateway to a society more reflective of its ideals.

Hemp seeds can be used for poultry feeding and for home small birds; hemp oil can be used as a food and raw material in cosmetics production. However, the detailed research proves marijuana was banned mostly in economic reasons.

Because of the steep sentences and penalties for marijuana offenses, black Americans convicted of marijuana offenses face a disproportionate burden of achieving economic stability through employment compared to their white counterparts.

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

However, a few general findings may be noted. Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the U. College essay topics Marijuana Marijuana, since its discovery, has been used as a recreational drug by many individuals.

Finally, Single reports through the analysis of national drug use surveys of students conducted sincethe impact of the law resulted in no effect on marijuana use among high school seniors p. Thus, in many cases, marijuana use rates can only be compared to states which have not decriminalized.

It also takes more money from the government to pay for thoseindividuals to be in jail.Oct 13,  · Building off of the money issue, legalizing marijuana would also raise the production of hemp, an industrial “cousin” of marijuana that can be used for paper, fiber, fuel, and food.

As of now, hemp farming has basically been illegal ever since the Marijuana Tax Act of was passed because it’s considered marijuana. Some believe that the drawbacks of marijuana outweigh the benefits, while others oppose this viewpoint.

This essay will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the legalisation of marijuana. This essay will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the legalisation of marijuana. The Effect of Marijuana Decriminalization on the Budgets of Massachusetts Governments, With a Discussion of Decriminalization’s Effect on Marijuana Use An Update of Miron (a).

The Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana There are so many benefits to be derived from the herb Marijuana, yet it sparks so much controversy, as policymakers probe the aspect of legalizing the possession and use of this plant.

Marijuana also called Cannabis sativa when used correctly provides many benefits to one’s health. The aim of this essay is to explore decriminalization. it is possible to hypothesize other costs and benefits to the user who is caught possessing marijuana in a jurisdiction which has decriminalized possession of marijuana.

"The Effect of Marijuana Decriminalization on Hospital Emergency Room Drug Episodes: " Journal. Specialists in different areas call to revise the already outdated laws, and legalize marijuana possession and cultivation. The most convincing argument, supporting marijuana decriminalization, is the drug use for medical purposes.

Besides, marijuana decriminalization can have positive economic effect, at least in the U.S.A.

Benefits of decriminalizing marijuana essay
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